Libertarian's Individually Unite!

Encourage people to register to vote Libertarian.

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Encourage registered Libertarians to become a dues paying Libertarian Party member.
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Uber shares Encourage people who want to learn more about libertarianism to become supporting members of the Libertarian Party. Supporting members receive 3 newsletters monthly (Nat'l - State - Local) This allows them to learn about libertarianism and stay in touch with what we are doing.

Take the world-famous World's Smallest Political Quiz
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What You Can Do Now. Outreach Ideas.
Do it by yourself or organize a group. Be the Solution!

"Ask" people to join!
One of the main reasons people have not yet joined the Libertarian Party, is that we haven't asked them. They don't have to be Libertarians to be "Supporting" members. Make a pledge to yourself to ask 1 person a week to join the LP. They get newsletters every month and it is a great way to stay in touch with us.

how to invest in Microsoft shares Just Do it, Just ask. Send them here.

Run for a political office.
Get involved in your communities. Attend community meetings. Get to know your constituents. Start Fundraising. You can win!
* Campaign Information from Nat'l
* Contact your local office to get started.

Start, Join, Attend and Promote a Libertarian Meetup in your area....
Meetup with other local Libertarians to talk about today's political issues. Click here to learn more.

Call new members.
Welcome them into the Libertarian Party, then invite them to a monthly new members get-to-gether. Contact your local LP to organize

Write "letters to the editor".
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Tips on writing.

Put up LP candidate yard signs.
Call an LP candidates in your area.

Get involved, volunteer your time to libertarian activism.
Learn about volunteering opportunities.

Join your local Toastmasters
Learn how to speak in front of large groups of people and practice your liberty speech ideas in front of a captive audience. Go here to find a Toastmasters club near you.

Libertarians on TV!
Help us reach 1000s of people through TV. Get Mark's Libertarian TV show aired on your local public access channels. Contact Mark Selzer producer and host of the Libertarian Alternative TV Show. Click Here.

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The Philosophy of Liberty...
written by Ken Schooland author of Jonathan Gullible
animation by Lux Lucre

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Featured Libertarian Oriented Product
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Listen to the albumn online, click here.

San Diego Libertarian activist Dan Litwin's new release "Peacemakers". Listen to the albumn online, then purchase a copy to support Dan and the LP.

Tax Protests Across the Nation...
Join 1000s of fellow Libertarian across the country who will be standing strong and protesting our legalized theft tax system. Participate in an event in your area or start your own.

End the Drug War Rally
Start a rally in your area.

Reach out to "Common Thread" Orgs
It's easier to communicate libertarian ideas to people who may be inclined towards them already. Find a common thread in an organization and reach out. Go here for a list of ideas to answer tough questions.

Write letters to editors about guns being used in self defense.

Recycle your liberty newsletters and magazines...
Don't throw away those Libertarian newsletters and brochures; after reading them leave them at your doctor's office, laundry mat, dentist.... you get the picture.

Include a Political Quiz Card in the envelope when you pay your bills.
Order them and other items from the LP store... or print up your own - go here for more info on quiz cards

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