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Answers to tough questions.
Need some help explaining or answering tough questions friends and family ask you?

    Answers to Tough Questions from Notable Libertarians

    Dr. Mary Ruwart
    Dr. Mary Ruwart is a leading expert in libertarian communication and author of the international bestseller "Healing Our World." Her new book is "Short Answers to the Tough Questions." In this column she provides Liberator Online readers with "Short Answers to the Tough Questions" that libertarians are frequently asked. Go here to learn more.

    Harry Browne
    Harry Browne was a successful investment advisor for 30 years. He has written 11 books that have sold more than 2 million copies. In 1996 and 2000 he was the nominee of the Libertarian Party for President of the United States. Learn new ways to communicate libertarian principles. Click Here

    Mark Selzer
    As producer and host of the Libertarian Alternative TV Show, Mark introduces us to topics and people such as the Reason Foundation, Irv Rubin on Religious Freedom, Libertarian Feminism, Libertarian Christians, Libertarian Environmentalism with Dr. Labedz, Harry Browne, Sandi Webb - Libertarian City Councilwoman, Art Olivierm - Mayor, and Bonnie Flickinger - Mayor to name just a few.

    To learn about other topics and scheduled show times or how to purchase tapes to show in your area Click Here

    Libertarian Talking Points

    Libertarianism has such a strong, robust, and consistent philosophical background that libertarians, in a debate or discussion, tend to defend themselves with discussions of natural rights and objectivism. The sad fact is that, few people care about the rights and freedom of others. Most of us care only about the rights and freedoms that affect our own lives. This leads us to an unfortunate conclusion: preaching to people about your natural rights or your constitutional liberties probably won't change anyone's mind. Our site is dedicated to helping libertarians getting around that particular problem. If we learn to talk to people in their own language, address their concerns, show how libertarian ideas can solve the problems in their personal lives then the amount of people accepting libertarian ideas and demanding libertarian government should greatly increase.
    Go here to learn more.

    Libertarian Solutions

    For Governement

    The Heartland Institute Market-based solutions to every public policy problem.

    CATO's For Congress Handbook for Congress

    Privatizing , the source for information on government reform,
    privatization, contracting out, and publicp/private partnerships.

    Urban Planning -, A program of Reason Public Policy Institute devoted to providing market-oriented-analysis of land use and economic development issues.


      A project to identify and promote innovative approaches to addressing serious environmental challenges and creating a society of self-motivated environmental stewards.
      A project to identify and promote innovative approaches to addressing serious environmental challenges and creating a society of self-motivated environmental stewards.

      Restoring The Heart of America
      This book, written by Clyde Cleveland and Ed Noyes, lays out the plan for restoring our prosperity and our environment.

    Libertarian Info

    Still need to locate a libertarian answer to a tough question? Do some research at these libertarian oriented sites. Click Here for Links to Libertarian Oriented Resources

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