Libertarian's Individually Unite!

Encourage People to
Register to Vote Libertarian

So they think their vote will be a wasted one....
After failing to encourage them to "Vote" Libertarian, (They will in time.) Encourage them to "Register to Vote" Libertarian.

Explain to not-yet-libertarians that this is not a wasted vote, it is a means to an end. That they can still vote for the worse of two evils today, if that makes them feel better.

Tell them that registering to vote is a way for them to tell the world that libertarian principles are the key to the pursuit of happiness. Tell them that this is the way we can beat this wasted vote problem, and they can be a part of this historical undertaking. We are going to grow the registration big enough so people start to feel safe that they are not alone in their vote. That there is a chance that we can succeed!
Then we can WIN, and WIN BIG.

Tell'em to go here, to "Register to Vote" Libertarian.
Register Online

Order Registration Forms from your local Registrar of Voters
to hand out in person.


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